Surface designer Ellie Rampton created Biscuitmoon Designs in 2012 building on a diverse creative background. Starting out with a special emphasis on babies, kids and families we quickly became known for our birth announcements, kids artwork and personalised family Christmas cards. Seeing the popularity of Hong Kong inspired designs in these early days, we evolved into Hong Kong themed gifts and now travel prints, magnets, postcards, tea towels and unique canvas artwork are among our most popular and enduring products. 

Everything is either created in small batches or printed completely on demand, which ensures a very personal touch.    

Our unique and colourful creations celebrate the vibrancy of Hong Kong, love, friendship and family and we hope you will find something here you, your friends and family will love.  

If you have a question, suggestion or would like to stock our products in your shop or e-shop then please drop us a message – we’d absolutely love to hear from you!