• How long will my non-personalised order take?  
  • We process all orders as quickly as possible. Our standard turn around time for non-custom, non-personalised orders is 2-3 business days, plus shipping time. 

  • How long will my personalised order take?  
  • If all details for your personalised order are received (including all text and images) then a proof of your artwork will be sent within 48 hours – usually quicker. Due to the nature of personalised orders, we need to wait for you to check all details, request any changes or give your written approval to proceed with printing. When we have your approval to go to print, you should receive your order approximately 8-10 business days later.  This will be longer if your item needs to be shipped outside of Hong Kong.  

  • I’ve ordered both personalised and non-personalised items – how long will my order take?  
  • If you have ordered non-personalised items along with personalised items your items will be shipped separately. 

  • Can you rush my personalised order?  
  • This depends on what you are ordering. Personalised cards are printed by a local printing company in Hong Kong – they require 5 working days to process the order at their end and we can’t get them to do it any quicker than that…we won’t change to a quicker printer as quite frankly we can’t find one that doesn't compromise on quality. We make it as quick as we can on either side though, and with prompt approvals by you and a guarantee by us to send out your cards as soon as we can, we can usually get most orders to people within 6-8 business days.  

    Other items can be rushed if necessary – though this may not always be possible during busy periods or holidays. Please indicate when ordering if you need the item super quick and we will see what we can do. 

  • Will you ship my order to a friend? It’s a gift.  
  • Absolutely! If you are purchasing a gift to be shipped to a different recipient, please simply list the recipient's name and address as the shipping address when you checkout. 

  • Do you ship overseas?
  •  The short answer is yes. However this can get complicated and in some cases costly. We can't list the shipping costs for absolutely every destination and variant of a product - ie the canvases come in multiple sizes. We have calculated shipping costs for some of the most popular items and sizes but it may be that you want to ship an item not listed with international options. In this case please contact us for a customised quote, and we will provide all available options. If you order an item with an overseas shipping address and this was not calculated on check out, please note that we will contact you for additional shipping fees before that item is sent. Please also note that while we do our best to avoid customs duties when shipping your item, this is out of our hands and the BUYER is ultimately responsible for any custom duties if importing an item from us. 


  • Do I need an image taken by a professional photographer for my photo cards?  
  • This is a tricky one. The short answer is no – we’ve produced beautiful cards with unprofessional images - but your images do need to be of a certain quality to ensure good results. For the best print results 300dpi is required and an un-cropped image is far preferable so that we can help create the best composition for you. We’d strongly advise taking your shots on the highest quality setting your camera has. Alternatively if you are looking for a professional photo shoot, we can happily recommend some Hong Kong Photographers. 

  • How do I check what DPI my image is?
  • If you have a MAC computer open your image in Preview, go to tools in the top menu and click on “show inspector”. The image DPI should be listed under general info. Alternatively, if you have any photo editing software such as photoshop go to image > image size and check the dpi. 

  • My image is only 72dpi. Can I still use it?
  • Sometimes it is possible to increase the quality of your image to make it “printable”. But this will depend on the overall quality of the image and the size. We’re happy to check this for you – please send your image via (to avoid email compression) to

  • I submitted a wrong detail for my personalised item when ordering - what can I do? 
  • Don’t worry. There is a preview process so that mistakes can be picked up and corrected. So long as you have not approved artwork to go to print, we can make any changes that are needed. It’s important to check all details very carefully before approving it for print, as after this time, changes cannot be made to your order. If you realise quickly that you have submitted wrong details please contact us via email to save time in the preview process.

  • I can't see the colour I want - can you do customised colours?
  • With a lot of designs yes! With things like birth announcements, we love to match our colours to the colours in your image(s). If something isn’t going to work though, we’ll let you know. With canvases, we can use a colour that can match or tie in with existing home colour schemes. Just let us know the shade you want by snapping a screenshot, or better yet, pick the exact tone from here 

  • Can I see mock-ups of multiple designs and then make a final choice? 
  • We’ll often give you a few choices in the mock up process because we love to give you options – we might show different ordering of images, a different font if we think it looks nice, or a choice of layouts if applicable. Unfortunately, due to the demands of custom creating each piece, extra samples requested in an altogether different design incur a small extra charge of HK$80 per sample. If you have ordered digital files, only one chosen design will be provided as a final print-ready file.

  • Do you sell digital files? 
  • In general, we don't currently sell digital files unless specifically stated in the product description. If a digital file is needed please contact us for a customised quote. 


  • What is your returns policy?
  • Providing quality products and a fast and friendly service is really important to us. In the event that you are unhappy with your item, we will do what we can to provide you with the best possible assistance and work with you to resolve any issues. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns on custom made items or digital files. This includes all photo cards and also items customized with a name. In the unlikely situation that there is a mistake with your order, a replacement will be sent that correctly reflects the artwork that was approved by you before printing. Returns on non-custom items must be returned unused and in a saleable condition within 10 days for a full refund. For more details on our refunds policy please see here.

  • What if my order was damaged during shipping?  
  • In the unfortunate event that your order was damaged please send images to within 7 days with DAMAGE in the subject line. We will organise a replacement if your item did not arrive as it should have. 


  • Can you create something completely new for me?
  • We love creating truly unique one-off pieces for individuals, but are often unable to take these sorts of projects on during busy periods. If you would like to enquire, by all means give us a shout!

  • Can you copy this design I've seen, or create a disney themed party invitation for my child?  
  • Sorry but the answer is no. Here’s why – something called copyright. It may be a minefield in many ways, but at the heart of this matter is that it is simply wrong to profit from the hard work of other peoples creativity - whether it’s from an independent artist or a massive company like Disney. Only Disney should sell products with Disney characters on them. They created the designs, spent billions to promote them and come up with clever marketing strategies so that our kids can’t get enough. I could whack Elsa on your daughters’ birthday invitation – plenty of people do. But let’s face it – it’s just not right. On the other hand,  if you have an idea of what you really like and would like something similar, this is altogether different and it’s fantastic to look around, see what is out there and get a good idea of the layouts, styles, colours and concepts that you like. Designers get inspired by other peoples work all the time – so by all means if you would like something bespoke and you have an idea of what you’d like it to look like – please feel free to show us and we’ll do our best to create something unique while taking inspiration from something you like.