Leaving Hong Kong: A Guide to Our Favourite Gifts for the Perfect Send-off

May 31, 2018

Leaving Hong Kong: A Guide to Our Favourite Gifts for the Perfect Send-off

This time of year in Hong Kong often brings mixed feelings to many. The anticipation of a lazy summer - where the alarm clock gets a reprieve and exciting travel plans edge that bit closer, often come hand in hand with the ever looming dread of losing yet more friends from this wonderful, yet oh so transient city. Like most of you, this year is no exception for my family and the boys and I find ourselves on the brink of many sad goodbyes.


The relationships that are formed and lost here, and the ties that bind the firm friendships across continents was the inspiration for Biscuitmoon's latest designs. More unique Hong Kong Inspired Leaving Cards have been added to the range, and special one-of-a-kind Hong Kong artwork is already winging it's way to walls across the globe. 


Whether you are the one leaving Hong Kong or the one being left behind, having a little bit of Hong Kong in your home is a must!  


Here are our all-time favourite Hong Kong gifts to give (and receive) take with you if you go, and to keep with you right here if you're lucky enough to stay! 


 Lion Rock Hanging Decorations

Frankly, we think these hanging decorations from The Lion Rock Press are too gorgeous to limit to just Christmas trees! They come in multiple ranges - from iconic Hong Kong transport to traditional artefacts and uniquely "Hong Kong" products. Wherever you end up in the world these are beautiful mementos to hang up and keep a little bit of Hong Kong in your life.


 3D Transport Pictures from Fiona Patton Designs

Simple and stunning. We love these 3D Hong Kong Transport pictures -  they're perfect to jazz up a kids room but would also be a stylish addition to any modern space - I think they'd look fab in my (future) dream kitchen!


 Hong Kong Cushions from Works of Wonder

With sketches of iconic Hong Kong locations these high quality cushions with their fab bright trim are just gorgeous! I particularly love the aqua and pink version - perfect to brighten a child's bedroom!


 Belinda Bath Photographic Canvas

On my ultimate wish list is an original Belinda Bath artwork. I absolutely adore Belinda's style - many a keen admirer has attempted to replicate her concept and style but I think a true Belinda Bath piece is instantly a cut above the rest. Some of her beautiful colour-coordinated canvases can even be personalised.


 Biscuitmoon "My Hong Kong Memories" canvas

A unique Memory Canvas  is still a firm favourite and a focal point for any home - in Hong Kong or beyond.  The stand-out memories, favourite hang-outs and the best events shared together, make for a striking piece to hang in the home and an ideal gift for friends to treasure. 
© Biscuitmoon Designs


 Biscuitmoon Island Line Canvas

If the HK Memories canvases are a bit too personal for your taste, a range of generic Hong Kong inspired art may be just the thing. My new favourite is the Hong Kong Island Line Scroll Canvas as well as our Hong Kong Hotspots Canvas - a really striking typographic medley of iconic Hong Kong locations. Another fantastic gift option for those who like a minimalist or typographic look on their walls. 


© Biscuitmoon Designs


 Hong Kong Travel Posters

With a little nod to the vintage travel posters of old, but with a big dose of modern graphic design - our Hong Kong themed posters are perhaps more the ticket. Look out for your favourite location coming soon with these designs being added to the range shortly. And at a steal at HKD300 for an A3 print ready to frame...these gifts won't break the bank either. 


 © Biscuitmoon Designs

Whatever your choice of leaving gift for friends, or a special Hong Kong memento for yourself, one thing is for sure - leaving this amazing city is hard on all sides. So be certain to stock up, pack the memories, and enjoy giving a little piece of it away. 


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